Highly Skilled Emergency Care

Corona Regional Medical Center
800 South Main Street
Corona, CA 92882
Phone: 951-737-4343


The Emergency Department (ED) at Corona Regional Medical Center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This specialized department is designed for patients with acute or traumatic illnesses or injuries and is staffed by board-certified physicians and nurses who are trained in cardiac life support. The department is staffed and equipped to care for emergency conditions. In our Rapid Medical Evaluation Area, we deal with less emergent conditions quickly and efficiently. The average time from entrance into the ED to seeing a provider is less than 30 minutes.*

Emergency Department Initial Assessment

A nurse will perform your initial assessment. He or she will ask the reason for your visit and record important medical history, as well as medication and allergy information. While you are waiting, you may want to make a list of your medications and keep it handy for future visits. We will take and record your vital sign measurements and a clerk will obtain information necessary to begin creating your ED records.

If You Have to Wait

ED patients are not always seen in the order of their arrival. Critically ill patients who require intensive care are always seen before patients with less serious problems. In addition, patients whose conditions require the use of a special room, such as the Ear-Nose-Eye Room, are occasionally seen out of order of arrival. When the ED is busy, delays are common for patients with problems that are not life-or-limb threatening. While it is our goal to see every patient as soon as possible, delays are sometimes unavoidable. Your patience and understanding are appreciated.

Because the emergency physician is not familiar with your medical history, time will be needed to review your medical record or to speak with your family doctor. Time also may be needed to perform X-rays, CT scans or other specialized diagnostics. If you are admitted to the hospital from the ED, staff may need time to prepare your room and bed.

We Understand Your Concern

We understand that coming to the ED is not a pleasant experience. Patients and families are usually upset and frightened. Our staff will make every effort to make your stay comfortable and to provide the best medical care possible.

*Patients determined to have critical emergencies will be seen by a medical provider before other patients are seen. In these situations, the stated average wait time does not apply.

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