Comprehensive Interventional Care Identified John Deed’s Serious Cardiac Issue

January 16, 2018
John Deed

John Deed is thrilled to get back to one of his favorite activities - teaching automotive classes.

John Deed, 72, was scheduled to have surgery to remove a small cyst on his hand. While at his doctor’s office for an EKG and other routine pre-op testing, he noticed the concerned look on the doctor’s face. “He stopped the machine and asked me if I was a long-distance runner,” says Deed. “I said no and asked why, and he told me my heart rate was only in the high 30s, lower 40s. I was not cleared for surgery, and they ordered more tests.”

Sumit Khandhar, DO

The next day, Deed saw Interventional Cardiologist Sumit Khandhar, DO, who ordered a series of tests, including a treadmill stress test, a 24-hour heart monitor and an echocardiogram. “The stress test came back as abnormal, so we performed a cardiac catheterization at Corona Regional Medical Center,” says Dr. Khandhar. During this procedure, a long, thin tube called a catheter is inserted into a blood vessel and guided to the heart, where doctors can detect blockages and other abnormalities, as well as place stents. “We found he had severe coronary artery disease, with blockages in all three heart arteries. Ultimately, stents were placed to open up the arteries,” says Dr. Khandhar. “Currently, stenting procedures are not done at Corona Regional, but we hope to be able to provide this service in the future.” Deed was also prescribed medications and advised to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Deed says he had a great experience at Corona Regional, and would recommend the hospital to everyone. “When you are the patient and see all the equipment, it can be intimidating. I was a little nervous about the procedure, but it went so smooth, like clockwork,” says Deed. “Dr. Khandhar made me feel very comfortable, and I had confidence in him and let him do his thing. The technicians were great as well.”

Deed is back to work full time doing what he loves – teaching automotive courses and the technical aspects of maintaining his employer’s vehicles. His heart rate has improved and he does not feel shortness of breath as before. “I am just thrilled with the way everything turned out at Corona Regional, and am thankful to have had such a wonderful doctor,” Deed says.