Treating and Healing Complicated Wounds

June 10, 2019
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In the past year, George Pope Jr., 89, had two different wounds and he turned to the Wound Care Center® at Corona Regional Medical Center for help.

The first wound was the result of a skin tear while removing medical tape from his arm following blood work. Pope was evaluated and saw wound care specialists weekly. “This was my first experience with them, and they knew exactly how to treat it,” he says. “They are wonderful people and I felt like I was being treated by a friend, not a technician.”

Amanda McBride, RN, CWCA, says they started Pope’s treatment with a therapeutic honey, then progressed to using collagen, and eventually placed a skin substitute to heal the wound. “Mr. Pope came in for weekly treatments and was fully healed in several months,” says McBride.

Not long after his arm healed, Pope found himself in the ER at Corona Regional after suffering a cut on his ankle from broken glass. On blood thinners for a health condition, Pope could not stop the bleeding, so he sought care at the ER. “Corona Regional has improved the ER so much, and the people are incredible. I had a great experience there,” he says.

But when the cut eventually developed into a venous leg ulcer and became swollen, he required more specialized care at the Wound Care Center. “I went back to the Wound Care Center because I knew they would take great care of it,” Pope says.

Pope is now back to his gardening and tending to his 26 banana trees. He can’t say enough about the quality of care he received in treating his wounds and recommends the facility to anyone needing wound care. “Everyone there, from the receptionists, to the nurses and doctors, were compassionate and efficient. They explained everything to me, they never rushed, and I now know more about skin than I thought I would ever know,” he says.

Award-winning Healing

The Wound Care Center at Corona Regional Medical Center provides quality care for a variety of wounds. “We are recognized as a Healogics® Center of Distinction for 2018 due to our healing rate of 95.7 percent and a patient satisfaction score of 97.1 percent,” says Program Director Selene Aragon, MBA, MHA.

Aragon also states that if you have any kind of open sore, an infected cut, post-surgical incisions or a burn that has not healed in six weeks, you should seek prompt medical attention. Check with your doctor or call the Wound Care Center at Corona Regional Medical Center at 951-737-4343.