Special Task Force Works to Enhance the ER Experience

June 10, 2019
Special Task Force Works to Enhance the ER Experience

Since Corona Regional Medical Center unveiled its new ER in 2017, wait times are down and patient volume and satisfaction are on the rise.

Chief Nursing Officer Phyllis Snyder, MSN, RN, says it’s important for the community to have a place to receive prompt, quality care and service. “Since the new ER opened, the wait time to see a provider has decreased significantly. Further reducing wait time, being seen by a physician quickly and performing well is a key focus for the hospital and crucial to achieve a positive patient experience,” says Snyder.

Streamlining the Care Process

Snyder works with a special task force of hospital leaders, nurses, physicians, and support departments to streamline processes and achieve those goals. Other goals include reducing wait time for diagnostic studies and treatments, as well as total time in the ER, both for discharged patients, and those admitted for further care. They also want to improve workflows, train staff to do additional tasks, use other treatment locations and equipment, and strategically house ER supplies.

Upon arrival, patients are triaged to determine their level of illness or injury and receive care in designated areas based on initial evaluation. Rapid Medical Evaluation (RME) is one method used to expedite care and treatment. “Minor illnesses or injuries are treated in the RME area of the ER so beds are available for patients with more serious conditions, such as chest pain, strokes and asthma,” says Snyder. “This enables us to provide the most efficient care to all and improves the flow of patients through the ER.”

Prior to joining Corona Regional in October 2018, Snyder says she was aware of the new ER’s impact on the community. “I was excited about the progress the hospital was making, and I was hearing positive messages from community members,” she says. “The hospital listened to what patients and community were saying and made the change happen. Now our goal is to improve the ER patient experience by taking quality and patient satisfaction to the next level!”