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We know that your baby is a unique and special creation, and that the birth of your baby is an extraordinary event. The nurses and affiliated doctors at Corona Regional Medical Center have helped deliver thousands of babies. We would like to thank you for allowing the hospital to participate in your pregnancy during this memorable experience, and would like to assure you that you are being cared for by an expert obstetric team.

Like most expectant moms, you probably have many questions about the hospital and the childbirth process. The hospital hopes we will answer most of your questions about your admission and hospital stay. Again, thank you for choosing Corona Regional Medical Center at this special time!

Comfort and Safety

The labor, delivery, recovery (LDR) suites provide a comfortable, homelike setting with advanced medical technology. It is a warm, private place in which to share this intimate experience with family and friends. The Labor and Delivery nurses are specialists in childbirth, and provide you with competent, compassionate care that will make the birth of your child a positive experience.

Be sure to discuss pain management options with your physician before your baby's delivery, so you are prepared to make an informed decision. Many alternatives are available, and your doctor is the most knowledgeable person to provide advice on what is best for you and your baby. Your childbirth experience will be much more positive and less stressful if you are prepared and know what to expect.

If you are planning a Cesarean birth, or if one should become necessary, the hospital has specially equipped operating rooms located both on the Labor and Delivery unit and in the Surgical Department. In either location, your support person and labor and delivery nurses will be with you.

Family and Friends

Our staff understands your desire to share this special experience with your family. The family-centered maternity service encourages their support. If you desire, two support persons and your coach may be present to assist you during the birth of your baby. And if the new arrival has brothers or sisters, they are welcome to visit after delivery.

The first hour after the birth, known as the Golden Hour, is set aside for you, your baby and your partner to enjoy uninterrupted bonding, skin to skin contact and first breastfeeding. 

The hospital has created an environment on this special unit that enables you and your partner to spend as much time as you want with your baby before you leave the hospital. If this is your first baby, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn about newborn care and practice your new skills under the guidance of the experienced nursing staff. The nurses help ensure that you get the right combination of rest, family bonding and visits with friends while you are at the hospital.

Baby's Special Care

You can be assured that a trained professional is caring for your baby during those times when your baby cannot be with you for medical reasons. The newborn nursery is staffed and equipped to provide the important care your baby needs.

Prior to your delivery, you should arrange for a pediatrician who is enrolled in your health plan and is on staff at Corona Regional Medical Center to visit your baby. If you do not choose a pediatrician, the hospital will arrange to have your baby visited by one of the qualified physicians.

CRMC is dedicated to improving infant health, family bonding and quality of life for all children by helping mothers and their babies experience skin to skin immediately after birth.

For information on childbirth education courses, support groups and baby care classes, visit our Parenting and Childbirth Classes page.

Patient Story: Pregnancy at Corona Regional Medical Center

Angela Ensign-Montanez knew she wanted to deliver her baby at Corona Regional after experiencing first-hand with her sister's pregnancy the excellence care and treatment the staff provides.


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Maternal Child

The goal of the entire staff at Corona Regional Medical Center is to make the delivery of your baby a special and unforgettable experience. If you have additional questions, or would like to learn more about maternity services, call 951-808-6721.

If you are looking for a doctor to deliver your baby or a pediatrician to care for your newborn, call the physician referral service at 800-882-4362.

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